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                                                                                                                                                  AYSO EXTRA, a PROGRESSIVE PLAYER PROGRAM, is designed for players who have the interest, skills and abilities and want to enhance their experience and individual growth through soccer while retaining the spirit of and organization membership in AYSO.

Carmen Bridge is the Extra Coordinator and if you
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We are pleased to announce the 2016 Extra Team Rosters. Good luck and have a fun season!

 U9 Boys
 U9 Girls
 U10 Boys
 U10 Girls
 Jared Eisenberg
 Michael Ugalde
 Justin Cato
 Andrew Signor
 Sebastian Alvarez
 Ashlyn Chow
 Lorenzo Betancourt
 Ava Akoubian
 Zachary Bui
 Ella Drizos
 Hayden Cato
 Charlotte Carlson
 Ryder Chapman
 Ruby Khoshkbariie
 Lloyd Hitch
 Hailey Clingan
 Finn Donahue
 Sophia Loomis
 Colin Horner
 Chloe Galuppo
 Jason Dunham
 Avery Lundquist
 Sean Koch
 Ava King
 Aiden Eisenberg
 Madeline Ryan
 Evan Oakes
 Ava Latini
 Brady Guth
 Chloe Siok
 John Roth
 Keira Patch
 Brayden Martin
 Emma Siok
 Ryder Tovatt
 Taylor Savage
 Kai Stolaruk
 Tatum Trout
 Blake Zeutzius
 Courtney Signor
 Travis Walker
 Natalia Ugalde
 Ryder Cannon
 Charley Solorzano

 U11 Boys
 U12 Girls
 U13 Girls
 Grant Cawley
 Goosen Broersma
 Vanessa Santana
 Dean Berg
 Carina Atwood
 Avery Allen
 Dylan Cawley
 Rebecca Bradbury
 Angelina Atwood
 Cameron DiPietro
 Taylor Britton
 Anna Beachner
 Samson Drake
 Isabella Broersma
 Kelsie Bui
 Dylan Dwight
 Bianca DeView
 Isabella Gruber
 Chad Elve
 Ava Drizos
 Eliana Golson
 Landon Goluboff
 Moxy Freshwater
 Chloe Huebner
 Carter Immel
 McKenna Fox
 Kaitlyn Klasey
 Brady Jamieson
 Chloe Gibb
 Hannah Lyter
 Tai Khoshkbariie
 Avery Hendries
 Francesca Mascoli
 Nick Moreno
 Courtney Kemmerer
 Savannah Tritz
 Nathan Phan
 Jetta Larson
 Emerson Walker
   Elianna Roberts
 Hannah Weber
   Brianna Ruo Rock
 Madison Wells
   Maya Shihadeh
 Alyssa Zaiden

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2017 Region 56 - Extra Tryout Schedule

Age/Gender Location Date Sign in Try out
Coach -
Coach -
Coach -
Coach -
Coach -
Coach -
Coach -
Coach -                              
Coach -
Coach -                                                  

Coach -  

Coach -     



Are you interested in an opportunity to play a higher level of AYSO soccer?

What is AYSO “EXTRA”?

The AYSO “EXTRA” Program is a select program under the AYSO Flex umbrella which we anticipate will be implemented by AYSO Section 11 (Southern California) – Area K (Huntington Beach), Area L (Southern Orange County) and Area Q (Central Orange County) that is a level above traditional recreational soccer programs. The objective of the AYSO “EXTRA” program is to provide top players within each region a more competitive playing experience than traditionally offered through the recreational primary program alone.

AYSO “EXTRA”, teams are anticipated to be formed around March through a tryout process that is anticipated to run during the last two weekends of February. The AYSO “EXTRA” program is played during the same time frame as the fall recreational AYSO program (e.g. August thru December). Team formation may be considered for girls and boys in the Under 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 1and 16 age brackets.

How is AYSO “EXTRA” Different from Club Soccer?

AYSO “EXTRA” is an AYSO program. Thus, everyone plays means that every player will play a minimum of one-half the game. Club soccer teams often do not offer any playing time guarantee.  

The estimated cost of the AYSO “EXTRA” program is slightly more than recreational the Primary soccer season. Club soccer costs between $1, 500 - $2,000, depending upon the club and the number of tournaments that the team enters. *This fee may vary as actual costs are determined, however at this time we believe the costs will likely be somewhere between the fees for the standard Fall core program and $200.00

How Can I Participate on an AYSO “EXTRA” Team?

Selection onto an AYSO “EXTRA” team is through a tryout process that is open to everyone registered as a player with AYSO. The tryout process will evaluate players on the basis of their complete skill set, including but not limited to defending, attacking, speed, ball control, game knowledge, attitude, and effort exhibited through drills and small-sided scrimmages.

 Extra Team Player Tryout Guidelines

Each EXTRA team must have a minimum of 2 tryout dates.

Each player should bring a water, a ball and wear shin guards. Please do not wear soccer attire from All Star or Extra Programs.

All players must be signed in at the sign-in table which is located near the AYSO bins at BC. To tryout, player must turn in a signed release form or a copy of their fall registration form.  A copy of the players release form can be obtained by going to the AYSO Region 56 Website. Select register now, login, print player form.

Prior to tryouts, please print, read carefully and fill out Player Interview/Parent & Player Agreement. Player Interview/Parent & Player Agreement can be found on the AYSO Region 56 website. To tryout, all players must turn in Player Interview/Parent & Player Agreement.

All players must tryout during at least one tryout date to be considered for an EXTRA Team. It is recommended that players attend both tryouts but it is not mandatory. During tryouts, parents who stay and watch need to stay near the sign in table. Please follow Brethren Christian parking rules as stated on the AYSO Region 56 homepage.

Players may not play up or down.
Players must tryout in their age division.
Players may tryout and play in an age division above their age division if their age division is not offered.

*The EXTRA Program is subjected to Area K, Section 11 and AYSO National Approval. Guidelines are subject to change.

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