Field Director

Job Description of the Field Director for Region 56 (25pts towards VAP)
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The AYSO volunteer position of field coordinator is intended to be responsible for acquisition and maintenance of all playing fields including practice fields.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The field coordinator is expected to:

  • Assist the safety director in ensuring a proper and safe playing environment;

  • Coordinate with the referee and the safety director the correction of any and all hazardous conditions on or near the playing fields, e.g. holes, projection sprinkler heads, welding cracks in the goals, etc.;

  • Arrange field maintenance – mowing, raking, etc. – with the landowner;

  • Organize and supervise the field workers in marking the fields; and

  • Assist the child and volunteer protection advocate in Safe Haven related matters.

  • Oversees all activity on AYSO Region 56 fields which includes the use of all equipment used by AYSO and the storage bins located at each school site

  • Works directly with the Region Purchaser when ordering paint, supplies, and equipment for the Region.

  • Oversees and/or aides his Field Captains at each school site.

  • Oversees and/or aides in the new field cutting/lining each Fall and Spring.

  • Oversees and/or aides in the storage bin clean up/out each Fall and Spring. 

  • Oversees and/or aides in the set up and take down of Soccerfest each year. 


Time spent on Volunteer job
Preseason, the Field Director will spend approximately 5 days (1 day each field) – 4 hours each day, on overseeing the field cutting/lining & school storage bin clean up.   

Once the season starts, he/she will spend approximately 1 hour a week responding to emails about the field being muddy, lines crooked, nets having holes in them, etc. etc. etc. and then approximately 1 hour a week checking up on the storage bins and trash cans or re-supplying with paint.

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