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Things are always being lost and found at our Soccer fields. With this web page we hope some of it can be returned to the rightful owners. If you found something, or have lost something and have all ready gone to the schools lost & found and have also asked the team that played after your game and still cant find your lost items please fill out information at the bottom of this page. 
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Lost Items - Posted 12-18-2014Boys black, Tony Hawk zippered, (mohawk hood) jacket at Brethren Christian. Please contact: Janette Moulton Email : janette_moulton@hotmail.com

Lost Items - Posted 11-1-2014: Yellow Size 4 Soccer Ball. My last name "VAUGHT" written on it. Left at Sowers Field 2 at 10:30AM game. Saturday 11/1 please contact, Lain Vaught Evening Phone : 714.399.6394 or Email : lain_vaught@hotmail.com

Lost Items - Posted 10-29-2014: Lost Items: We lost a black Adidas soccer bag on the Peterson field after our game ended at 3pm, 10/25/14. It may have had shoes inside.Please call me if you have it at 714-719-0830

Lost Items - Posted 10-15-2014: Lost Item  a red and white size 4 soccer ball, with Liam Swanson writen all over it in red sharpie at Sowers Middle School. Please contact Liam Swanson Evening Phone : 714 964-6869 or Email : lswan@gmail.com

Found Items - Posted 10-13/2014: Found Items - Soccer ball with "Bieber" written in black sharpie at Sowers Middle School. Please contact; Melanie - Evening Phone : 714-658-9805 Email : melanie@taylorcreativeco.com

Found Items - Posted 10-13-2014: Found Items - A red US size 5 soccer ball with the name Grace at Peterson Elementary. Please contact; Chandra Evening Phone : 7147516001 Email : Chandra@prough.com

Found Items - Posted 9-23-2014: Found Items - Red Goalie shirt. at Sowers Middle School please contact,  Rayne
Phone : 7143921824 or Email : baskerville5@msn.com

Found Items - Posted 9-23-2014: Found Items - Cell Phone, 09-20-14 at Brethren Christian. Please contact, Lee Aydelotte Email : lca.soclaw5@gmail.com

Lost Items - Posted 9-10-2014:
Losts of items left at SoccerFest
1. Yellow Hippopotamus Little Giels Purse with odds and ends inside.
2. Toddler slippers-tan and blue
3. 1 vizari pink shin guard
4. Small pink stuffed Ty owl
5. Hair tie with Light blue and soccer ball ribbon
6. House Key with Land Rover Key Chain

Contact: Debbie Evening Phone : 7147460377 Email : soccerfest@ayso56.org
Lost Items - Posted 7-16-14 Lost Items: Navy Blue Mens O'Neil sweatshirt hooded jacket size XL on the Brethren Christian fields. Please contact Amy Macdonald Email : amy.macdonald@mac.com

Found Items - Posted 5-13-14: Found Items: I found a size 3 black and turquoise soccer ball and size 5 black and yellow soccer ball after the games on Friday 5/9/14 at Brethren Christian. Please contact  Janet Phone : 714-267-7205 or Email : sanford_janet@yahoo.com 


Lost Items - Posted 5-6-14: Lost Items: A concussion helmet at Moffett Elementary. Contact Julie Moffett Phone : 714-457-0005 or Email : jmoffett22@yahoo.com

Lost Items - Posted 5-6-14: Lost Items: Goalie gloves at Moffett Elementary. Contact Logan Moore Phone:: 951-707-9226 or Email: : lucky12290@aol.com

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