Playtime Adventure

Coming this Fall!

Huntington Beach AYSO Region 56 proudly presents  -  Playtime Adventure

Playtime Adventure is an activity program for children ages 3-4 that will help improve their physical motor-skills, providing a foundation for an active lifestyle and preparing them to participate in sports programs.
Created by experts in child development (in partnership with UK International), Playtime Adventure combines physical learning with fun and imagination. Your child accompanies Team Adventure to complete action tasks in Adventure Land!
The excitement doesn't stop there! By using the Playtime Adventure Activity Storybook, you can continue your child's development at home, re-enacting all their favorite Adventures over and over again!

Session starts in September:

Huntington Beach AYSO Region 56
Fridays Aug 11-Sept 26 # 82926462
Moffett Park, 20400 Meander Lane, Huntington Beach
3:30pm-4:30pm (3-4 yrs) or 4:30pm-5:30pm (3-4 yrs) $99 for 7 weeks
Make Checks Payable to Playtime Adventure
Playtime Adventure  855-FUN 2 PLAY
PO Box 1838, Redlands, CA  92373

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