Purchasing Coordinator

 Job Description of the Purchasing Coordinator for Region 56
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The AYSO volunteer position of purchasing coordinator is intended to oversee the purchasing and distribution of the region’s uniforms, team and field equipment, sweatshirts, pictures, and awards/trophies, as well as the recycling of uniforms/sweatshirts, team banners, and goalkeeper jerseys.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The purchasing coordinator key duties include:

  • Financial management;

  • Recruiting, scheduling, and organizing the activities required;

  • Major events: uniform and equipment distribution, uniform shorts exchange, sweatshirt distribution, picture day, picture distribution, and awards distribution;

  • Overseeing the following positions: assistant purchasing coordinator, uniform coordinator, equipment coordinator, sweatshirt distribution coordinator, uniform/sweatshirt worker, picture day coordinator, team banner recycling coordinator, and goalkeeper uniform recycling coordinator;

  • Attendance at registration days and the coordinators’ meeting; and

  • Working with the treasurer and the regional commissioner to establish numbers 1 through 4.

Qualifications and Desired Skills

To be considered for the position of purchasing coordinator, the applicant should:

  • Be an experienced planner;

  • Know how to handle finance;

  • Have computer skills;

  • Have some accounting skills; and

  • Successfully pass a screening, including a background check.

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