Referees Corner

 Referees Welcome to the AYSO Region 56 Fall season!
Referees are critical to soccer. The game can't be played without them.

My name is Nick Dispalatro, and I am your Referee Administrator. You can reach me by e-mail by clicking HERE!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Region 56 Referee Staff:
Ron Berkowitz - Director of Referee Instruction
Vacant - Referee Director of Assessments
Ernie Rahm - Director of Youth Referees
Vacant - Director of Referee Mentoring
Heather Carter - Director of Female Referees
Chris Osswald - Scheduler  
» Referee Spring Classes  - Click Here

  AYSO Volunteer Form (Adult Or Youth)
If you have not already filled out and turned in this annual form, then please go online and do so.

Please click: HERE and fill out the Volunteer Form.

We all as volunteers need to complete a Volunteer Form each year. You can fill it out online and print out two copies (3 if you want one for yourself).

  Rules and other stuff for region 56
•  Discipline Policy:
"Yellow & Red Cards are highly discouraged in the U8 & U10 divisions. Use caution when using cards at the U12 level. You must complete a misconduct report if you have to issue any type of misconduct.

Special Rules for U8 Games:
No penalty kicks, No off-side (dont allow obvious "cherry picking" either) There will be only direct kicks at this  level, and only from outside the goal area for attacking team.

 •   NEW Click Here for an interactive guide to offsides Law 11


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  2016 Spring Referee Schedules

» U10 Girls & Extra Schedule

» U10 to U16 Area Schedule

Misconduct MUST Be Reported
Any misconduct issues during a game must be reported to Nick Dispalatro within 
24 hours. 

» Misconduct Form
» Incident Report

  Referee Requirements

Regional Referee (minimum age 12)

» Intermediate Referee (minimum age 14)

» Advanced Referee (minimum age 16)

» National Referee (minimum age 18)

 Downloadable Forms for Referees:
»   Laws of the Game
»   Advice to Referees
»   AYSO Rules and Regulations
»   Guide to Procedures for Referees
»   7 & 7 Cautions and send offs
»   Regional Pre Test
»   Intermediate Pre Test
»   Advanced Pre Test
»   Assistant Referee Instructions Guide
»   Diagonal
»   Dress Code
»   Fouls and Misconduct Simplified
»   Law 11
»   Law 12
»   Mechanics
»   Misconduct Form
»   Incident Report Form
»   Referees Pre-Game Instructions & Duties