Regional Auditor

Job Description for the Regional Auditor for Region 56
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The AYSO volunteer position of regional auditor is intended to assist the regional commissioner in his/her fiduciary responsibilities to protect the organization’s assets by monitoring, reviewing and reporting on regional financial controls and records.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The regional auditor is expected to:

  • Review the region’s accounting practices and verify that they are in compliance with the AYSO treasurer manual requirements;

  • Check on a regular basis to verify that approved internal control procedures are being followed;

  • At least annually, or more frequently if requested, review the canceled checks, bank deposits, and bank transfers;

  • At least annually, or more frequently if requested, review the reconciliation of the region’s bank and savings accounts;

  • Periodically review the financial report prepared by the National Support & Training Center (NAP report);

  • Periodically compare actual revenues and expenditures to the region’s annual budget and analyze any material variance; and

  • At least annually, or more frequently if requested, submit a report to the area director with a copy to the regional commissioner.

  • At least annually, or more frequently if requested, meet with the area auditor; and

  • Upon request of the executive director, chief business officer, national treasurer, a section director, an area director or any other regional commissioner, perform audit services at other places and at such times as needed, subject to personal availability;

  • If at any time an auditor has reason to suspect that regional, area or section funds are being mishandled or are the subject of fraud or theft that places the monies or assets of the organization in immediate or imminent risk, the auditor shall immediately convey via telephone or e-mail such suspicion as well as all related evidence to the chief business officer ( or his/her designee at the NSTC. Additionally, the auditor should immediately notify the appropriate section director of such suspicions. At the discretion of the section director, the area director will be timely notified.

Qualifications and Desired Skills

To be considered for the position of regional auditor, it is desirable, but not required, that the applicant:

  • Have some managerial and financial experience;

  • Have experience as a regional treasurer. In no instance may a volunteer serve as a regional auditor in the same region where he/she served as a treasurer unless and until an audit of the region’s finances has been completed by another AYSO auditor appointed by the regional commissioner; and

  • Successfully pass a screening, including a background check.

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