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 Job Description of the Regional Commissioner for region 56
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The AYSO volunteer position of regional commissioner is intended to have the responsibility and the authority to manage the day-to-day business of the region as described in Article III of the standard regional guidelines within the framework of the AYSO operation regulations.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The regional commissioner is expected to:

  • Comply in spirit and letter with the objectives of the organization;

  • Maintain good community relations with the primary objective being youth development;

  • Collect and disburse fees and other monies for the sound financial organization and operation of the region. It is incumbent upon the region to keep and file, as required, accurate financial records to ensure continuation of the tax exempt status of the organization;

  • Review, on an annual basis, the regional guidelines and other written regional operating regulations;

  • Supervise the regional treasurer by reviewing the region’s cancelled checks and bank statements periodically, reviewing the National Accounting Program (NAP) financial report each month, and reviewing, periodically, internal financial control procedures. Also, take other reasonable measures to assure that the region’s assets and expenses are being handled in a fiscally responsible manner;

  • Make timely submissions to the National Support & Training Center of membership, fees, budgets, Information Forms, and other paperwork as required with copies to the area director;

  • Be responsible for the performance and the growth of the regional programs for the benefit of the players, the volunteers, and their families;

  • Organize, maintain, supervise, and coach regional volunteer staff to assure adequate support and services to the region, including the development of new volunteers for regional position succession planning;

  • Appoint, at a minimum, a CVPA, a treasurer, a registrar, a safety director, a regional coach administrator, and regional referee administrator;

  • Publish for the region and for the files of the National Support & Training Center, guidelines for the operation of AYSO within the region. Such regional guidelines must conform to all provisions of the Standard Regional Guidelines but may expand or add to them to cover specific regional needs, subject to the approval of the area director and section director. Such regional guidelines must include a process for the selection of a regional board and the election of the regional commissioner;

  • Act as the official spokesperson for the region in regard to publicity, internal development, cultural exchange, business systems, budgets, regional operation regulations, and other matters concerning AYSO programs within the region;

  • Assist the regional board in the planning and implementation of its policies and programs within the region;

  • Register players, coaches, referees, and other regional officials;

  • Assign players and coaches to assure proper balance of teams within any one age group within a reasonable geographical area;

  • Locate and secure proper playing facilities;

  • Secure uniforms, balls, goals, and other necessary equipment;

  • Schedule games;

  • Comply with the Soccer Accident Insurance plan and submit insurance claims according to current procedures;

  • Release publicity concerning the region;

  • Budget for and encourage regional participation at the annual Section Conferences (volunteer education conferences);

  • Budget for and participate at AYSO’s annual business meeting, the National Annual General Meeting (NAGM);

  • Oversee dispute resolution within the region pursuant to Article Nine of the guidelines and AYSO operating regulations;

  • Preside at all regional board meetings;

  • Keep the regional board informed of actions and decisions on matters of importance;

  • Attend area meetings, Section Conferences and caucuses, and the NAGM;

  • Maintain close liaison with the area director and the section director, and coordinate all extra-regional activities through the area director;

  • Submit a completed Regional Assessment Program to the area director annually as specified on the Regional Assessment Program form;

  • Make such other decisions and take actions as may be required to run the region within the limits of the regional budget and these guidelines; and

  • When leaving the position, transfer to his/her successor in a timely fashion (a) all regional records, files and reports; and (b) the regional commissioner manual.

    Qualifications and Desired Skills

    To be considered for the position of regional commissioner, the applicant should:

    • 1. Have some management skills;
    • 2. Know the AYSO structure;
    • 3. Have acknowledged, unswerving commitment to the AYSO philosophy;
    • 4. Have administrative abilities;
    • 5. Have good communication skills; and
    • 6. Successfully pass a screening, including a background check.

    Supervision Protocols

    While performing as the regional commissioner, the volunteer is:

    • Subject to the bylaws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines of AYSO;
    • Under the overall authority of and directly supervised by the area director, and supervised indirectly by the section director; and
    • To maintain the recommended adult to child supervision ratio of 1:8 or less; that is one adult for every eight or fewer children and two adults (one of whom may be the coach and one of whom should be of the same gender as the group) present at all times. For the protection of both the children and the volunteer, no volunteer should permit himself or herself to be alone with any child or group of children (except his or her own) during AYSO-sponsored


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