Regional Referee Administrator

Job Description of the Regional Referee Administrator for Region 56
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The AYSO volunteer position of regional referee administrator is intended to implement, monitor, and maintain the AYSO National Referee Program including program delivery, staff development, communication, and coordination at the regional level.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The regional referee administrator is expected to:

  • Support the AYSO National Referee Program in both specifics and spirit;

  • Ensure all referees within the region are appropriately registered in eAYSO annually by completing a volunteer application form in accordance with the National Support & Training Center applicable policies and guidelines;

  • Appoint a regional director of referee instruction and a regional director of referee assessment annually;

  • Ensure the consistent and accurate implementation of the AYSO National Referee Program within the region;

  • Assist the area referee administrator in the delivery of the AYSO National Referee Program, and support the regional commissioner with its implementation;

  • Verify certification requests for assistant referee, U-8 official and regional l referee;

  • Be responsible for the scheduling of referees and assistant referees within the region, or delegate such task to another responsible volunteer or assistant, and coordinate such efforts with the region’s scheduler of games;

  • Identify and train a successor;

  • Prepare an annual regional referee work plan and budget for submission to the regional commissioner (with a copy to the area referee administrator). The work plan will include goals and objectives for the upcoming year;

  • Maintain a list of all referees within the region currently registered in eAYSO, including contact information and current certification level;

  • Insure that important information relating to: law and rule interpretations and changes; clinics, courses and national, sectional, area and regional programs; and special events is communicated to the referees within the region;

  • Support and encourage the development of camaraderie, mutual support, esprit de corps, and uniformity of interpretation among referees by providing sufficient opportunities for social interaction;

  • Provide leadership and be an active role model exemplifying the AYSO culture and philosophies;

  • Promote referee welfare within the region;

  • Monitor referee activities within the region;

  • Coordinate the assignment of referees at regional playoffs and special events;

  • Represent the region at area meetings;

  • Provide assistance to the referees in interpretation of the FIFA Law, national, section, and area rules and regulations, and regional guidelines;

  • Advise the regional l commissioner and staff on matters pertaining to refereeing;

  • Maintain liaison with area referee administrator for general administrative questions; and

Cooperate with the area referee administrator as necessary.

Qualifications and Desired Skills

To be considered for the position of regional referee administrator, the applicant must:

  • Successfully pass a screening, including a background check;

  • Annually submit a Volunteer Application Form and be approved as a volunteer in an AYSO region;

  • Complete Referee Administrator Training;

  • Complete AYSO Safe Haven Referee Certification;

  • Have administrative management skills;

  • Have experience in program planning, implementing, and knowledge of the needs of the region;

  • Have acknowledged, unswerving commitment to the AYSO philosophy;

  • Be well familiar with the AYSO National Referee Program; and

  • Be detail-oriented.

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