Regional Registrar

Job description for Regional Registrar for Region 56
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The AYSO volunteer position of regional registrar is responsible for planning and implementation of annual registration of players and volunteers.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The regional registrar is expected to:

  • Maintain the region database;

  • Ensure that, for each registration event, there is a reconciliation of registration forms and fees charged balanced against monies collected, and confirm this with the treasurer (or designee) before the close of the event;

  • Verify that the treasurer has sent in payment to AYSO for the number of players registered;

  • Select and coordinate signup location(s);

  • Keep current count of registered players and volunteers;

  • Process late registrations and dropped players;

  • Maintain a waiting list for players who sign up after teams are balanced and filled;

  • Obtain and review current copy of the registrar’s manual and follow procedures;

  • Order pre-printed forms from the National Support & Training Center for registrants who are unable to register online;

  • Attend monthly board meetings;

  • Communicate with the treasurer, regional equipment, uniform, and division coordinators regarding registration status;

  • Communicate with the volunteer recruitment and development worker; and

  • Keep information under lock and key.

    Qualifications and Desired Skills

    To be considered for the position of regional registrar, the applicant should :

    1. Have some knowledge of region registration;

    2. Have computer skills;

    3. Be able to keep information confidential; and

    4. Successfully pass a screening, including a background check.

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