Regional Safety Director

Job Description of the Regional Safety Director for Region 56
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The AYSO volunteer position of regional safety director is intended to be responsible for all aspects of the region’s safety.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The regional safety director is expected to:

  • Use the AYSO Safety Director Manual to become the most knowledgeable person in the region regarding safety and insurance plans;

  • Be available and knowledgeable to answer questions from coaches, referees, and parents;

  • Attend regional board meetings and available seminars;

  • Provide for the distribution of AYSO’s information flier on the SAI plan to each player’s family;

  • Maintain the regional supply of SAI claim forms;

  • Inform regional staff about the SAI plan and procedures;

  • Provide information to parents and coaches regarding the proper way to file an SAI claim form;

  • Handle all reports of accidents and/or SAI claims;

  • In case of an accident, properly notify the regional commissioner within 24 hours;

  • Secure a Participation Release Form for seriously injured participants prior to their return to play;

  • Obtain liability insurance certificates for all facilities used by the region;

  • Evaluate need for regional equipment insurance;

  • Coordinate with the CVPA to implement the AYSO Safe Haven Program;

  • Oversee compliance of recommended adult-to-child supervision;

  • Inspect all field equipment to ensure it is in safe condition;

  • Ensure that all goalposts are properly anchored and do not have net hooks;

  • Ensure that AYSO policies regarding medical release forms, shin guards, and bloodborne diseases are disseminated to region officials;

  • Ensure that a reasonable numb er of first-aid kits are available at all playing sites;

  • Be responsible for advising regional participants of dangerous weather and other potentially unsafe conditions;

  • Make available safety information for all region members and families from such sources as AYSO Web site,; and Promote preventive programs.

Qualifications and Desired Skills

To be considered for the position of regional safety director, the applicant should:

  • Have some past experience with equipment, nets or fields;

  • Be organized; and

  • Successfully pass a screening, including a background check.

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