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Welcome to the 2015 Spring soccer season for
AYSO Region 56.



Program Outline:

The spring soccer program in Region 56 is designed to give coaches and players an opportunity to enhance their soccer skills, travel and have fun in the spring sun.  We offer recreational and competitive divisions.  Spring soccer is a coach select program.  The coach may select players of his/her choice in accordance with the Region 56 Spring guidelines.  Registration forms and fees are collected through the coach.  Registration forms are available to download at: www.eayso.org.  If you have not been contacted by a coach and your child would like to participate in our spring soccer program, you may submit a hardy copy of your ”Player Interest Form” to the Spring Coordinator at the address listed below. Although not guaranteed, every effort will be made to place your child on a team.


Player Invitations:

Coaches may invite players for the spring season at anytime.  Please be considerate of all coaches and players. If you would like to form a spring team, you must apply to the Spring Board in writing.  The Coach Application form and the Spring Team Roster form are available to download at the bottom of this page.  Please keep in mind your rosters will not be approved prior to receiving payment of all players on your team.  Coaching is a privilege and only those coaches who have demonstrated the AYSO philosophies are eligible to coach in the spring.  Coaches must be certified to coach their prospective division and be Safe Haven Certified.  Coach applications are due: December 15, 2013.  Rosters are due with payment: Jan 8, 2015.



Our spring program is open to all U5 thru U19 AYSO registered players.  Some divisions may be combined based on participation.  The U5 division will follow the U6 guidelines.  This spring the U8 division will play with goal keepers.  Lower division (U5-U8) games are played on Friday evenings and (or) Saturdays.  Upper division (U09-U19) games are played on Saturdays and will play in area.


Player Eligibility:

  • Players will play in the same division as they did in the previous fall season.  Players requesting to play up will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Spring Board.
  • Recreational League teams may not include ANY All-Star Players, EXTRA Players or Competitive Level Guest Players.
  • All U9 teams will play in the U10 recreational division.  U9 will also follow U10 division rules.
  • All Select/Competitive teams U10 through U14 may consist of any number of All Star players and a maximum of 3 non-fall players*.
  • U16 and U19 teams may have up to 5 non-fall players*.


Number of Players:

The maximum number of players allowed on each team is as follows:

·        U05       7 players fielding   5 v 5 (maximum 2 substitutes)

·        U06       7 players fielding   5 v 5 (maximum 2 substitutes)

·        U07       9 players fielding   7 v 7 (maximum 2 substitutes)

·        U08       9 players fielding   7 v 7 (maximum 2 substitutes)

·        U10     10 players fielding   7 v 7 (maximum 3 substitutes)

·        U12     12 players fielding   9 v 9 (maximum 3 substitutes)

·        U14     15 players fielding 11 v 11 (maximum 4 substitutes)

·        U16     18 players fielding 11 v 11 (maximum 7 substitutes)

·        U19     18 players fielding 11 v 11 (maximum 7 substitutes)



All teams are responsible for their own uniforms.  All uniforms must be in accordance with AYSO National Rules and Regulations which means that the AYSO LOGO MUST BE ON THE FRONT OF THE SHIRT and NO ADVERTISING or TEAM NAMES on the jerseys


Injuries and Property Damage:

All injuries to a player must be reported to the player Regional Safety Director immediately.  Damage caused by a participant must be reported to the Spring Coordinator.



Teams must meet the following requirements in order to form a spring team:

·        U6 through U8:            Teams are required to provide 1 referee who will referee their own games as center referee.

·        U10 through U19:         Teams must provide a 3 person referee team.  The referee schedule will be assigned.  Each referee team will be expected to honor their assigned games or provide certified coverage.



During spring, we have the use of two fields.  We may use Peterson Elementary on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4 – 9 pm, and Brethren Christian on Monday thru Friday from 5:30 – 9 pm.  Brethren Christian has lower division games scheduled on Friday evenings at 5:15 pm and 6:15 pm, and all day on Saturdays.  Games have preference over practices.  Please be considerate of scheduled games and do not interfere with the fields.


The first game of the day is responsible for setting up the field.   Both team are responsible for lining the field.  Each team is responsible for setting up one of the goals.  All goals must be securely anchored with a minimum of four stakes.  Please arrive one hour prior to game time to set up your field.  If you are the last game of the day, both teams are required to tear down and return all equipment to the equipment bins.


Each team is responsible for cleaning up their area after practices and games.  Our soccer fields are precious commodities and we must all do our part to keep them clean and hazard free.



The cost of our spring program is:

·        $60 per Fall Registered player.

·        $80 per Non-Fall Registered player.


Important Dates to remember:

·        12/15/2015       Coach applications/notifications due

·        1/8/2015       Team Rosters, Registration forms and fees due

·        02/01/2015       Practices may begin

·        Games begin the first week in March 2015



Mail or Deliver Rosters and fees to:


Jeanna Cawley

AYSO Region 56 Spring Coordinator

8681 Charford Dr.
Huntington Beach, CA  92646


If you have any questions, you may e-mail the Spring Coordinator at: spring@ayso56.org.

Encourage our players to play hard, display good sportsmanship and represent our Region well.  Encourage our parents to sit back, relax and enjoy watching their child play soccer.


**All information is subject to change.

Coach Instructions


On behalf of Region 56, thank you for volunteering to coach our children of this community.  The AYSO requires every person that has any contact with our children to be certified in the AYSO program regardless of any prior training.  Please keep in mind that these requirements not only help protect our children, but protect YOU as a volunteer.  All information is due: Jan. 8, 2014.


Fall Players

1.      To obtain the player’s ID #  have the parents go to : www.eayso.org .  Login.  On the “update player information” tab the player ID # will appear.

2.      Pay the $60.00 Registration Fee.  Make check payable to: AYSO Region 56 Spring Program


Non-Registered Players

1.      Have the parents fill out a registration form on-line at: www.eayso.org .  Follow the instructions.  Player ID # will be given when registration is completed.

2.      Print a copy of  players birth certificate.

3.      Print out two copies and sign.

4.      Give signed copies and copy of the birth certificate to the coach.

5.      Pay the $80.00 Registration Fee.  Make check payable to: AYSO Region 56 Spring Program


Players Registered in a Different AYSO Region

1.      To obtain the player’s ID #  have the parents go to : www.eayso.org .  Login.  On the “update player information” tab the player ID # will appear.

2.      Pay the $80.00 Registration Fee.  Make check payable to: AYSO Region 56 Spring Program


Coach/Asst. Coach/Referees

1.      If the Coach, Asst. Coach or Referee is new or did not volunteer in the 2013 fall season, they must fill out a volunteer form at: www.eayso.org

2.      Print out two copies and sign.  Attach a copy of their Driver’s License.

3.      Deliver two “wet” signed copies of the volunteer form and driver’s license to the address below.

4.      Once all of the documents are approved (about 24 hrs) you can access the AYSO training website.  www.aysotraining.org  follow the  instructions to obtain the following certifications:

·        Safe Haven (Coaching)

·        (U5-U8) online Coach Training Course



1.      Fill out roster completely to include Referees and Asst. Coach.

2.      Please indicate if your team will be playing “Select” or “Recreational”.

3.      Mail me a copy of your roster.

4.      Collect all registration forms from Players, Asst. Coaches and Referees.

5.      Collect all fees (no cash)

6.      Do not turn in incomplete documents.  This will delay your registration.

7.      When complete mail or deliver to:



Jeanna Cawley

AYSO Region 56 Spring Coordinator

8681 Charford Dr.
Huntington Beach, CA  92646

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